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Visa Recommendation

Visa Recommendation

Visa Facilitation

GCCI issues Visa Recommendation Letter to the Members who are going abroad for Business purpose. Members are requested to take note of the following points.

Requirements for Obtaining Visa Recommendation Letter:

  1. Company / Firm / Individual should be Member of GCCI
  2. Person has to submit a forwarding letter (request letter) addressed to

The Chief Executive Officer
Ghana Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI)
1st Floor, World Trade Center,

Submit necessary & compulsory documents mentioned below:

a. Name of the Person, who is intended to visit abroad.
b. Designation
c. Passport Number
d. Purpose of the Visit to abroad and staying period.
e. Name of the visiting Country
f. With reference to the Invitation Letter received from the party you should include below mentioned paragraph in your forwarding letter (request letter):

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