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GNCCI Credit Union

GNCCI CCU Ltd was formed on 13th November, 2019 with the aim of helping members of the Union to cultivate the habit of savings and have loans advanced to them at a very competitive interest rate. It is a member owned, member controlled and member financed non-bank financial institution. Four words that comes to mind when GNCCI Co-operative credit union Ltd is mentioned; lower fees, higher returns! 


You should join GNCCI Co-operative credit union Ltd because of the following reasons:

1. It is Co-Operative, Not a Corporation 

2. It is a Democratic Institution

3. You are a cherished Member who is supporting other members

4. Easy access to loans at a competitive interest rate.

5. You enjoy better rates on savings and loans

6. Convenience, Flexible and Better Services

7. Loan Protection Plan and Life Savings Insurance.

8. Return on your shares through annual dividends

9. You grow your business and enjoy better sustainable financial life with us

10. Convenient mode of savings.


Eligibility for membership of GNCCI Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

• All staff of Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry

• All members of Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry

• All affiliate organizations to Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry

• All individuals who share in the objectives of the credit union


How do you join?

To become a member,

Pay an entrance fee of GHC 10.00, one passport picture and a valid ID card.

Contact us today for a membership application

Location: Oroko Street - Adabla Plaza

Accra Chamber of Commerce Office- Second Floor


Phone: 0508918210       Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


About GNCC

The Ghana National Chamber of Commerce is an association of business operators, firms and industries with interests spanning every sector of private enterprise in Ghana. Read more

Head Office

Ghana National Chamber of Commerce
1st floor,World Trade Center,
Opp. Children's Park, National Theatre - Accra
P.O Box 2325,Accra

233(0) 302 662860 / 233(0) 544114306